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If you’re looking for a mortgage broker to assist you in sailing through the difficulties of obtaining a mortgage, you need to put in a sufficient amount of research in order to find someone that meets your expectations. You need to go through reviews you find online and speak to people who’ve worked with them. 

At Mortgage Alliance Greater Golden Horseshoe, we are confident about the services we provide and will not shy away from giving you references. Besides, we will be happy to tell you why we are the top name in the mortgage sector.

We have been in the mortgage sector for the past several years and have several happy clients. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker, here are a few reasons why we believe you should pick us over the rest of our competition.

Award-winning service
We have won top spots in our local Readers Choice Awards since 2008 for Best Broker and Best Brokerage. Karen is in the Presidents’ Club, which represents the top 5% of Mortgage Alliance across Canada since 2010.

Offer apt advice
We offer counsel to make sure you are in the right mortgage for your situation now and in the future. Before recommending mortgage products, we assess your needs carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Access to multiple lenders
We offer a choice of products to make sure you have options. We believe that giving you access to multiple options will provide you with the chance to find the right mortgage product. 

Convenient to work with
We offer convenience, whether it be online or in-person, to meet your busy schedule. We can service all of your mortgage, small loan, and real estate needs making us a one-stop-shop.

Personal touch
We are approachable, and we treat you like family, making sure that you are a delighted client. We do a lot of referrals and past clients, so we must be doing something right that brings our clients back to us!

As a leading mortgage broker in Cambridge, ON, we strive to help our clients sieve through thousands of options to find the best mortgage deal and alleviate their stress by assisting them throughout the mortgage application process. Our founder, Karen, has more than twenty-three years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, and she is committed to giving her clients premium mortgage services by studying their needs and staying on top of the mortgage market. 

To learn more about the services we offer at Mortgage Alliance Greater Golden Horseshoe, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, get in touch with us by clicking here.  

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