Common Mistakes People Make When Renewing Their Mortgages

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A mortgage renewal provides an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage contract, including the length of the next term, and the mortgage interest rate. Unfortunately, as there is a slew of renewal options, you may be confused and overwhelmed while trying to pick the best option. To ensure you get the best deal and steer clear of the many common pitfalls that are lined along the mortgage renewal process, Mortgage Alliance Greater Golden Horseshoe has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when renewing their mortgage.

1. Taking the very first offer provided by their bank
Many people are guilty of making this mistake when renewing their mortgage. If you want a good mortgage rate that fits your needs, you will have to invest some time in looking at several deals before sealing the deal.

2. Not considering a financial evaluation when it is time for renewal
Once your current term ends, and it’s time to renew the mortgage, you want to appraise your financial situation. If your financial situation is positive, then your next term will probably have a lower rate of interest.

3. Not shopping for better rates
When you’re renewing your mortgage, your main focus should be on the rate of interest. Many buyers make the mistake of renewing their mortgage with a deal that has a high rate of interest because the outcome seems lucrative only to regret it later.

4. Not seeking advice, which could cost thousands
As a layperson who is not experienced with the mortgage renewal procedure, it’s best to consult a professional mortgage broker at every step of the process. Professional agents know the ins and outs of the mortgage products and will be able to guide you well. Don’t make the mistake of not seeking advice before finalizing the deal.  

5. Not spending enough time to evaluate the situation or circumstances
Evaluating your financial goals, current circumstances, and potential expenses before deciding on a mortgage renewal product is crucial. Not taking enough time to assess your finances could lead to you choosing an inappropriate mortgage deal, which might put you in debt in the future. 

6. Not finding the correct professional to suit your needs
Many mortgage applicants hastily hire the first broker they find to assist them with their renewal application only to later find that they are unable to work with them. Ensure that you look for a mortgage agent who is experienced with the kind of mortgage products that you’re looking for and who suits your needs. 

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